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Locnapps Media undertakes full responsibility and oversees project management by acting as a stakeholder, an extension of your localisation team. By Understanding and taking appropriate actions on the following

Determining the key factors like what’s the project type, content type, the delivery method and QA process & the project timelines

Maintaining Clear and direct communication of the budget with the project stakeholders ensuring transparency of the project expenses

Keeping a rigorous watch for any potential risks and address them immediately. That also involves a thorough and rigorous QA process to maintain quality across all project areas. Exercising cautionary methods to anticipate potential problems

Ensuring clear, concise and seamless communication with all the project stakeholders

Monitoring the project execution and be alert for any deviations from the timeline. Overseeing expected Deviations and ensuring they are within the contingency plan for the project


Every game we associate ourselves with undergoes an elemental SOP which is illustrated below


  • Script Review
    & Character Definition
  • Game Play
  • Build Translator Toolkit
    Style Guide, Reference Glossary Character Guides


  • Planning
    & File Preparation
  • Full Step Translation
  • Voice-Over


  • Text Integration
  • Graphic Localization (DTP)
  • Audio Integration




  • Functional Testing
  • Linguistic Testing


Deliver Final / Assembled Files Project Completed


Casual/Hyper Casual Games | MMO/RPG and Strategy Games | Indie Games | Mobile Games Localization


Casual and hyper casual games engage varied audience and larger demographic. Our specialised Project managers and expert localization language partners ensure that the localisation output matches the target locale and average user awareness.

Beyond the existing services:

Market research and consulting | Custom style guides that match your game | Pre-Loc and Post-Loc support.

With a specialist team made almost exclusively with Core Gamers with strong insight of games and target markets, we offer turn key solutions for your large games. We make sure that your localised product is compliant with the intended platform and approved by publisher.

Beyond the existing services:
Full Localization project direction and planning including services like
User interface localization | User manual and print media localization | Game script translation | Graphic localization (DTP) | Voice-over recording | Game testing and QA | Merchandising media
localization (website translation, advertisements, etc.)
Focus on Familiarisation and Maintaining Franchise Consistency


Together, we analyse your needs and advise you how to make your game the next hit sensation. With a few simple prerequisites like flexible design, correct and adapted code, and the help of specialized translators, together we can make your localized title a huge hit in the global market. A localization kit will be the starting point for our team, giving us the insight necessary to understand your needs and discuss them with you as we help bring you game to life in new languages.

Beyond the existing services:

Consulting and Advisory | Market research and reports

We make sure that there is a clear understanding and coordination between the project counterparts. We ensure perfect blend of accurate cultural translation, optimal functionality, and ultimate user experience. We focus on special attention to Familiarisation, Timelines, Character limits, screen dimensions, GUI issues.

Beyond the existing services:
Tailored Project management solutions for your timelines and project needs | Designated teams for Marketing Updates and Notifications for rapid response and quick turnarounds | Specialised team assignment based on content identification



Experience | Strategy

Experienced team in all video game platforms and genres. Dedicated team passionate about video games with average industry experience of 7yrs, and collective experience of 30 years.

Project managers | Coordinators | In-house linguists | Testers, QA leads | Multilingual audio team | Translators | Editors | Localization engineers | 600+ native translation experts | Certified audio partners and video game specialists worldwide | Culturalization experts

We have minimum 15 experienced linguist per 25 prominent languages for each genres like RPG, MMMORPG, Strategy, Action, MOBA, Adventure, Battle Royale, Casual, Social & Hyper casual Games.We can scale up anytime for any surge volumes and big volume projects.

We have a designated team of linguists who specialize in quick turn arounds. Designated TEP teams comprise of specialized native linguists who maintain full synergy and coordination among each other to deliver your jobs in a very time efficient manner.

Linguists ready for Quick turnarounds | Team Available 24/7 in timezones.

An ideal mix of technology and strategy, we use cloud storage and backup servers to ensure your data is never lost. Designated teams assigned to your project have backup counterparts so that they can take over in case of an unforeseen exigency. Project Managers housed in different offices allow us to cover different time zones, back up project managers and coordinators ensure that you urgent request is never missed.

All games go through a familiarization phase. Our gamer SMEs and translators review the game, play it, and read all the supporting game collateral. Depending on the size of the game, this process can take anywhere f rom a few days up to a month. The time required for the translation team to know the ins & outs of the game is entirely dependent on the size and complexity of the game. Large MMORPGs generally require more time than mobile games. The familiarization stage presents a great opportunity to cross-check the games glossaries to ensure consistent and all-inclusive terminology.

Every Content is different and needs to be treated with due care. We cater to a variety of text, it's important to strategise and treat

We regularly map our resources to their experience, domain speciality and turn around times. So, we have an exact match to meet your requirements. Emphasis is on putting Squares into Squares and Triangles in Triangles, we never mix them while identifying or assigning the resources. As a result, you get the team which perfect matches your project requirements: Familiar with your project (through familiarisation) | Specialised in your content type/domain | Understands your demographic well | Matches your desired timelines

We believe that no two projects are identical as no two IPs are. We take a custom-tailored approach to project management to ensure that your project gets treated with the attention, care and processing it requires. Whether you are a start up with straightforward requirements or a larger organization with complex testing and approval requirements, we can create a workflow that is exactly tailored to your needs.